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Summer Camp

Remember going to camp when you were a kid? Boys weren’t allowed in the girls’ cabins, and vice versa. Everyone snuck out past curfew to meet up with their crushes or had to sneak them into their room without getting caught. Life feels about like that right now.

We’re at Ulsan’s new teacher orientation, and they don’t have couple housing. So Sara’s in a dorm room with a bunch of other women, and I’m in my dorm room with a bunch of guys. On the upside, we’ve made a lot of friends with all the other teachers, which is great! There’s some pretty cool folks here that we’ve enjoyed getting to know. While the majority are from USA and Canada, there are also a number of Brits, Aussies and South Africans. It makes for a fun mix. On the downside, having a summer camp girl friend has been pretty obnoxious. Oh well. We’ll be in our new home by the end of the week.

Which, by the way, we’re excited about! We’re going to be in 연암동 YeonAm Dong (literally, ‘soft rock neighborhood’), which is northeast of the city, right beside the airport. I’ve marked our schools on a Google Map. I will be teaching middle school, and Sara will teach elementary school.

Orientation so far has been primarily a crash course in Korean and an introduction to 울산 Ulsan. We’ve explored the three major expat hangout spots already. Last night we went out with some other new teachers and made friends with several other teacher who have been here for a while. We also had some delicious, late-night, street-food momos! Mmmmm. I could get used to that.

Today was our day off, so we tried to go see the new Batman movie, but it was sold out when we arrived. Instead, we spent our time exploring the grocery store and taking an inventory on the food situation. As it turns out, it looks like we’ll probably be able find a lot more of the food we’re used to cooking than we initially supposed. Some items were very expensive, like olive oil. We even found cheese, although the prices for it were listed in body parts rather than Korean Won.

We’re hoping to get our cell phones by Tuesday. We should also be in our new apartment by Friday. Classes start Monday. Woohoo!

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Sara’s 25 by 25. Davo’s 28 by 28.

This year I turned 28 and Sara turned 25. Thanks to all our travels recently, we both hit major milestones in the last couple weeks. When our airplane touched down in Stockholm a few weeks back, Sweden became the 28th country that I’ve visited–one for each year that I’ve been alive. A week later as we crossed the border into Croatia, Sara collected her 25th country–one for each year she’s been alive. Here are our lists…


  1. USA
  2. Mexico
  3. Jamaica
  4. Honduras
  5. Costa Rica
  6. Panama
  7. Uganda
  8. Democratic Republic of Congo
  9. United Arab Emirates
  10. Italy
  11. Ireland
  12. UK
  13. France
  14. Czech Republic
  15. Germany
  16. Iceland
  17. Sweden
  18. Finland
  19. Poland
  20. Austria
  21. Slovenia
  22. Croatia
  23. Vatican City
  24. St Martin (Netherlands)
  25. India


  1. Canada
  2. USA
  3. Mexico
  4. El Salvador
  5. Costa Rica
  6. Panama
  7. Honduras
  8. Brazil
  9. Botswana
  10. South Africa
  11. India
  12. Thailand
  13. UK
  14. Canary Islands (Spain)
  15. France
  16. Germany
  17. Switzerland
  18. Austria
  19. Poland
  20. Czech Republic
  21. Slovakia
  22. Hungary
  23. Slovenia
  24. Croatia
  25. Ireland
  26. Iceland
  27. Finland
  28. Sweden

And in 9 hours, we’ll both collect a new country: SOUTH KOREA!

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