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Our epic travels are coming to a close.  Last night we got into Prague 6 hours later than expected at 2am after 20 hours of driving and we were exhausted.  Now we have 3 days to pack up our stuff, get anything we need, get our documents together, and head to Korea.  I am very much looking forward to unpacking and settling in. Davo and I have been incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to cut loose and run around the world for 6 weeks.  We have seen some of the most beautiful landscapes I have ever laid eyes on, and Croatia was the perfect finishing touch to our adventure.

Croatia was untainted relaxation in its purest form. I read 4 books, laid in the sun, snorkeled, swam, ate, and slept in hammocks while enjoying our house right on the crystal clear aquamarine ocean water with a mountain backdrop.  I know it was rough…

Here are some of the highlights:

One evening we went out to dinner to celebrate my father-in-law’s birthday.  We ordered an assortment of fish that were caught that morning on the bay we were eating on.  They were unbelievably delicious and we savored the evening sipping on Croatian wine topping the evening off with nutella crepes! YUM!


As some of you know, the Hynds family has tells many heroic tales of their times in Croatia catching an octopus while snorkeling.  On the last day of the trip, I still had yet to see an octopus, so we set out to remedy that situation.  That afternoon I saw three octopi and had the pleasure of taking part in their schemes to catch one.  Here is the tale of that adventure in picture form.  It was incredible but I have to admit I was happy it was not on me.



The only complaint I have about Croatia was that it was HOT and we had no fans or air conditioning (I slept with a wet towel most nights).  So, in order to cool off in the evenings we would jump in the water just before bed.  The first night that we decided to do this, we all went skinny-dipping (it was very dark, don’t worry) and as soon as we jumped in the water, we were all alarmed to see that we were glowing.  After we got over our fear that we were all lite up and naked with the siblings, we realized that we were swimming in some sort of bioluminescent plankton. Umm… SWEET! This was for sure one of our major highlights but there are no pictures 🙂  Davo might expand on this because he cares about biology and stuff… I just thought it was sweet that I was swimming in glowing bubbles.

Off to Croatia!

I just packed up my last suitcase before the big pack up for Korea.  We are headed to Croatia tomorrow with Davo’s family.  All of the Hynds kids will be there with their spouses for a week filled with swimming, sunbathing and eating.

The last time Davo was in Croatia was in 2007.  While he was there with his family my family and I were coincidentally in Italy at the same time (just a small ocean apart).  While in Italy I was still reeling from my disaster of a love life.  My sisters decided that was the time to press me to get married to someone so they could be at a wedding.  They forced me to tell them who I would marry at that moment in time if I had to choose.  I finally decided that I would marry Davo if I had to get married right then (we were not even dating at the time).  Little did I know that across the ocean in Croatia Davo was just then realizing that he missed me in a little bit more than a friend way.

So now 5 years later we are going to Croatia together after being married just over 3 years.  A lot has happened in between and I am excited to experience the place that has been held as one of the top coolest places he has ever been.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, I am very ready to be productive.  Most of you know that I do not spend a lot of time “relaxing” or “sitting around.”  I generally fill my days with plenty to do and then overwhelm myself.  Maybe this is not the healthiest life style, but it is who I am and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Like I have been saying if it is out there I want to experience it!  So it is GO GO GO for me!

Since traveling began June 30th, I have done the least amount of work or productive activity likely since elementary school.  Every day I have no plans but to see and experience the world around me.  Don’t get me wrong this is a fantastic way to live but only for a little while (at least in my opinion J ).

In exactly two weeks on August 16th we fly to Korea, where we will make Ulsan our home for the next year.  I am looking forward to unpacking my bags and getting settled.  It is hard to imagine that I could make any place but Chicago home but as I am learning, especially lately, my heart is big enough to love a lot of people at once and a lot of places at once. My love for people and things expands as it grows making room for more. Love is not diminished or taken away from anyone or anything as it flourishes it simply expands and ads on.  There is no subtraction, only addition.