It started off innocently enough, with places everyone knows. Paris. London. Rome. Wandering the streets, we noticed a side alley. Where does it go? The road less travelled was too tempting. It led us to places less visited, more exotic. Honduras. India. Thailand. And what began as a benign interest quickly turned into an insatiable obsession. Stay off the beaten path. Stay off any path. Our travel aspirations got more obscure. Kyrgyzstan. Myanmar. Madagascar. Antarctica. Can you even go there?

Must. Go. Everywhere.

Sara and Davo have been to 30-ish countries on 5 of the 6 inhabitable continent. (We’re missing Australia. So far away. So expensive to get to. Tragic.) While we started with innocuous destinations, we have developed an affinity for increasingly remote locations. The fewer tourists, the more authentic local experience, the better. Sure, such aspirations came with certain costs. Comfort. Hygiene. Sanitary food preparation methods. But the stories and experiences that we’ve had do more than balance the equation.

Over the years we’ve developed our own systems and strategies for maximizing experiences while minimizing costs. We started this blog when we moved to Korea in 2012 so that our family and friends could keep tabs on us. Here we share stories, tips, and snafus. We talk about the must-sees and the must-not-sees. We’ll tell you what you should eat, what you shouldn’t eat, and what you probably shouldn’t eat but should go ahead and try it anyways.

Check out Davo’s Google Map of where he’s lived, where he’s visited, and where he wants to go.

To contact us, email: davoandsara [at] gmail [dot] com

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