Flushinator 3000

Korean bathrooms. Who knew they could be so entertaining? I’ve regaled many a’folk with tales of our shower. The shower is connected to the sink, so if you forget to turn the knob to disable the shower, you get a refreshing surprise next time you turn on the sink. Inevitably, this always happens when you’re fully clothed. I’ve learned the skillful art of dodging, and can even do it while holding a toothbrush.

Today brought another such adventure.

Let me first offer a bit of back-story. Last week, my sister and her husband visited us. On their last day here, they went on a morning hike up the mountain behind our house. When they returned home, they found the apartment locked. Sara came home for lunch, but had lost her key several months ago. The landlord and I are the only two people who have that key, which means he must have come into our apartment at some point during the day and locked the door on his way out. Sara had to call her coteacher, who called the landlord, who wasn’t home, who had to come home and let them in. Her coteacher also asked if the landlord had entered our apartment when we weren’t there.

The landlord denied doing any such thing.

So this afternoon, I come home from work. I walk into the bathroom and am greeted with this:


The Flushinator 3000

Now, I’m not the most observant person in the world, but I think I would have noticed all those buttons on the toilet this morning. I was shocked and amazed. Not by all of the incredible features on the Flushinator 3000, but by the fact that the contraption had teleported into my apartment and installed itself. (After all, our landlord would certainly not enter our apartment without our permission).

After I regained composure, I took a seat on the new Flushinator 3000. As soon as I sat, I immediately stood back up. The Flushinator has a heated seat, and the heat was cranked up to 11. As my backside recovered from its singeing, I attempted to turn off the heater. Since the Flushinator is only in Korean, I resorted to randomly pushing buttons.

If in doubt, push buttons at random.

If in doubt, push buttons at random.

I was standing directly in front of the toilet, when this happened (it must be Karma)…

3 thoughts on “Flushinator 3000

  1. Jim says:

    I just don’t know what to say about all that. Three questions: how do such toilets come into existence, how do they get into your apartment. And is your butt all fresh and clean?

  2. cindy says:

    I think I want a flushinator also….wow!!! And to think you only have a few months to enjoy it. It think you should look into bringing one home for your condo. People will not only come to use your washing machine BUT you toilet too!

  3. Stefanie L says:

    This is hilarious! Why would you ever need it to spray out? I am so confused.

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