The Christmas season is upon us here in Korea. From what I can tell, Christmas in Korea is more of a “couple’s holiday” where couples give each other gifts, and cute Christmas stuff is abundant on the streets, in stores, and even in school. Although Koreans definitely celebrate Christmas, I still feel there is a certain lacking of “Christmas spirit.” I think this is mainly because Christmas is not completely embedded into every aspect of culture like it is at home. Christmas has not had time to be a historical tradition here. Families have not passed Christmas traditions down from generation to generation. We only get one day off of school (no, not even Christmas eve), and the students are not running around school with that magical Christmas sugar cookie high and thinking about all the loot they are about to receive. It is just certain lack of excitement that makes it different here.

Despite all of this I was able to make it to Lotte World a few weekends ago to get a little Christmas spirit. Lotte, from what I can tell, essentially owns Korea, and they have an amusement park that they deck out for Christmas in December. When I heard about this I was sold! So it is off to Seoul we went to go to Christmas Land (aka Lotte World)! I went with a girl friend because I knew that Davo and Christmas themed amusement parks did not seem to go together.

So, some of you have been asking how we are doing with the holidays and being so far away from family and friends, and I would say I am doing better than I expected I would be. I got to see my family over Thanksgiving, and that was wonderful. We have lots of friends over here to spend the next week with. Davo and I are actually looking forward to spending Christmas day with just the two of us and our virtual families via skype. When are we ever going to be able to pull off spending Christmas with just us two again? There will always be family, friends, and maybe even children in the future so there is no better time than now to spend Christmas with only my wonderful and loving life partner.


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