Funny Moments in Teaching

Well, I just started week three of classes. I’ve met most of my kids. (There are close to 350 of them, who I see about once a week). Here’s a couple gems from my first two weeks…

Art Gallery

I’m sitting at my desk after lunch working on a lesson for next week. One of my students (who’s a serious fan of the Rolling Stones and David Bowie) comes into my room and hands me a drawing that’s somewhat reminiscent of Piet Mondrain’s Composition II in Red, Blue, and Yellow.

“I draw this,” she says.

I stare at it, blinking, trying to make sense of it for a moment. “What is it?” I finally ask her.




“I’ll put it on my fridge.”

She smiles, “Thank you!” and walks out of the room


Once a week I have to read 40 new vocabulary words from a book over the intercom. I read each word three times, then read a sentence that uses the words. The vocabulary book was clearly created by a Korean who speaks English as a second language. Some of the “sentences” have been extra special:

  • Product – They product many kinds of sticker.
  • Backbone – He hurt his backbone in a traffic accident.
  • Production – The factory enables to us mass production.
  • Tooth – You must go to the dentist for your sick tooth.
  • Shop – The convenience shop opens during 24 hours.

Each time I come to a sentence like this, I cringe audibly on the intercom. So today I decided to read ahead in the book and see what landmines I’ll have to avoid next week. I get about halfway through when I come across the following word and accompanying sentence:

  • Weed – We can see the weed everywhere.

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