Hippie Paradise

About a year ago I asked one of my friends if I was a hipster because I was a little bit confused about the term. He laughed at me and said ‘Sara, there is a difference between hippIES and hipSTERS’ implying that I clearly fell into the hippie catagory. Well I have to say that my first impression of Iceland is that this must be the place where all of the hippies of the world unite to go on their nature extravaganzas.  And although I have been labled a hippie more than a few times I have to say that this feels like a different level of hippie than I think I am at.  Never the less, I am ready to rough it in the hard core nature extremes that Iceland has to offer for the next 5 days… sleeping in the car 🙂

As we flew in to Reyjavik I could tell that this country offers terrain that I have truly never seen.  After we broke through the clouds durring our decent, all I could see was a vast, rocky, flat land that looked like pictures I have seen of the moon but brownish in color instead of silver.  After we landed and loaded up on duty free booze (this is what all the locals do because apparently it costs a small fortune to buy alochol here), we caught the ‘fly bus’ into the city. (Mike we got some Brennivin and ill let you know how it is :). On the way in there was little to see but more of this rocky terrain with scattered houses and ZERO trees… so strange!  I was prepared for the sun to be shining at 2am as we were driving into the city however, it still rendered me a little bit suprised and my mind had a difficult time contemplating that it was not 6am. 

We got to our cute little guest house and were warmely greeted by the women who lives in and runs the house. We hunkered down with our eye covers on our faces, ear plugs in our ears, and melatoinins so as to get the best sleep possible before heading out into the ruggid countryside with sleepingbags for the car. 

This morning I went for a run and then we got our monster truck (it isn´t really a monster truck but if feels like one driving it). As I began to drive I was SO relieved to be driving in a car with a steering wheel on the left.  All the driving tension of Ireland melted away and we went the harbor to get lobster soup from an old Icelandic man that has apparently been there his entire life making delicious meals for people from the sea. As we slurped up our soup, we looked out over the water to the mountains that we will be able to explore with child like excitment. 

We are at the library right now attempting to pause and reflect on our time.  I know time will fly and we will be laughing talking about the time we went to Iceland, drove around, ate whale, and slept in the car… I mean who even does that?  But, for now we get to indulge in this carefree lifestyle with all the hippies in their nature paradise.  After I sign off we are driving into the sunset that never sets with not one plan but to see as much as possible and expereince it all! Pictures will come I can´t wait to share our experience with all of you.

One thought on “Hippie Paradise

  1. Matt Smith says:

    I envy this leg of your trip the most so far… be prepared to share many stories in Croatia. 🙂

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